Trading Terms

Opening your account

Before placing an order with us you will need to open a Lillie Brothers account, therefore please either register on our website, call our head office 01872 211533, email us at


The contract between you and us will be made only when we accept your order. The contract is confidential and intended to benefit you and us only and will operate on these terms alone.


We may change these trading terms at any time. Any such changes will take affect when notified to you but will not affect any of your orders that we have accepted before such notification. It is your responsibility to check for the up-to-date trading terms.


Prices are fixed on the day of delivery, not when your order is accepted. VAT will be charged where relevant and at the applicable rate. We will try to ensure that all advertised pricing is accurate, however, errors may occur. If we discover an error in the price of goods you have ordered we will inform you as soon as possible and give you the option of re-confirming the order or cancelling it. If you notice an error after delivery we will credit your account the agreed amount. Please note you must inform us of any errors in delivery within 24hrs of the delivery morning – after this time any credits will be made at our discretion.

Placing your order

Orders are accepted subject to availability of the product from the manufacture. If a product is unavailable we will substitute with an equivalent product.


Your delivery day must fall on or between the selected dates of promotion.

Last orders

Please try and give us 3 days notice of changes to your orders. Online order changes must be made by 10pm 3 days prior to your delivery. If you need to make changes after this cut-off please email us at or call us on 01872 211533 and we will make amendments as possible. Select products such as meat and bakery which are especially ordered for your delivery will not be able to be amended after the 3 days cut-off.

Delivering your order

Delivery will be made to the address given when you register your account. The delivery date and time are approximate only. We will not be responsible for late or cancelled deliveries. On occasions we will have to deliver at a different time due to staff illness, holiday cover and exceptional circumstances. In these cases we will attempt to notify customers of changes via email and social media but we are unable to make individual phone calls when the change apply to whole delivery rounds.


Ownership of goods ordered from us will remain with us until receipt of full payment from you for of all sums outstanding to us.


Please note that any claims must be made within 24hrs of delivery.


Damaged goods will be credited if we are informed on receipt of delivery and within 24 hrs of delivery and the damaged goods will need to be returned to us.


Your account must be settled by the 14th of the following month. If your account is in arrears, we may withhold further supplies. If payment is made by credit card we will charge 2.5% for this, debit cards are free. We reserve the right to change this.


Refunds will only be made for damaged goods or incorrect deliveries if we are informed within 24hrs of delivery.


Most food products with a life from manufacturer of 12 months or less must, by law, be dated either with a ‘Best Before’ or “Use By” statement. We endeavor to ensure optimum remaining life when we sell products to you. Please check dates at time of delivery.

Our Liability

We cannot liability for any failure to perform or for delay’s in performance caused by events outside our control.

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